AcousticBass?is one of the early Airwindows convolution plugins. It’s programmed similarly to CabSVT, which is to say oddly but if you like the sound it’s all good. Part of it was to try and get a convolution impulse done through raw multiplies like a giant FIR filter, but in such a way that the computers of 2007 could handle it. It’s free, and it applies an acoustic bass tone to the sound.

The very strange internals basically mean this: you’ve got two controls, closeness and dry/wet. Changing the closeness alters the weighting of how the sound’s applied. Pretty much just fool with the controls, this is one of those early unmaintainable freebies that’s just strange math and approximations. One result of how it was done, is that it’s got a nice solid tone. If that works for you, enjoy!

AcousticBass declares fifteen samples of latency.