ADClip2Demo?was an experiment, to see how ADClip would be if it had loads of parameters you could alter.

Input Gain was a boost, as you’d expect.

Edge Smooth is part of the basic ADClip code. It’s letting you scale back the edge softening on clipping: less means harsher edges.

Highs Restore is from 3DClip, and the technique’s still in use in ADClip4. It’s saving treble energy that’s being clipped, and sneaking it back into the signal again where it’ll fit. This is a dangerous technique, but does get you more loudness from the treble. I discovered it when studying Slate FG-X and noticing that the Slate plugin totally shatters above certain gain levels, in an unpredictable way. I made mine so that it wouldn’t shatter, using a different implementation of the same basic technique of energy redistribution.

Lows Restore is the same thing, only for subs.

Output Threshold lets you play more safe, or less, depending on how you roll.

If you’d like ADClip2, buy ADClip4 and email me to ask for the earlier version. I’ll send it, though I think you should be using ADClip4, which is just better even if it doesn’t have a zillion knobs all over it :)

ADClip2 runs one sample of latency.