ADT was one of the first Airwindows plugins. It uses two adjustable delay taps, which you can mix either in-phase or out of phase, to sculpt the sound.

The idea is, you can get a lusher sound through the very quick delay while also positioning the times so that they give you reinforcements and cancellations in useful places. It’s possible to find tonal qualities and then cancel them out by reversing the phase of the tap.

There’s no demo for this, and a more recent version that’s still for sale (look for ADT2). If you’d like the older version of ADT from 2007 without the code from Console that makes it bigger and deeper, buy the current ADT and ask for this one by email. I’ll send it. Even though the plugin is from 2007, the compile of it is more recent and 64-bit friendly.

ADT declares one sample of latency (this was kind of a phase)