ADT2Demo?is a universal binary AU plugin to do Automatic Double Tracking- aka fixed flanging/chorusing, as used by the Beatles. Two independent delay taps for normal or inverted ADT, code from Console2 gives you analog-like richness and tone.

As you probably know, ADT is simply a single delay tap, very quick. What makes my ADT special is several things- one, you have two taps to play with independently. Two, you can add them either in-phase or inverted- which means you can do that David Bowie ‘Young Americans’ vocal tone, originally done with two mics and one of them out of phase, but in a plugin after the fact. And three, the delay time is interpolated- you’re not stuck with discrete samples, and that means you can adjust the timing more finely, dialing in just the right cancellation or reinforcement at a certain frequency. You can’t really have ADT without having that, as the real ADT is analog and doesn’t get quantized to particular samples. Neither does mine!

ADT2 changed over to using the full 32-bit floating point buss for its delays: the original ADT from 2007 was using an internal fixed point buss.

But most importantly, the new version of this plugin uses the technology found in Console2 to produce a huge depth and space to the effect which you won’t get with a straight-up digital delay! And it’s self-contained so you can use it in any sort of mix you like, not just one with Airwindows summing. You can try the demo for a quick listen to how this plugin sounds, and compare it to a regular DAW slapback. The ‘Headroom’ control lets you saturate the effect for more intensity, or clean it up.

ADT2 is $50.