Air was a precursor to Energy, pioneering the techniques for that type of frequency-hyping. Anyone who owned Air got crossgraded to Energy for free, because it was just more of the same with more sophistication and controllability.

Air has four controls: a 22K tap, a 15K tap, and an 11K tap, plus a ‘Filters Q’ which isn’t really a filter Q (resonance) at all, but that’s the best way I could explain what it did.

The numbers on the labels relate only to use at 44.1K, but Air isn’t restricted to that and will run at any sample rate. Also, it’s misleading as these are not normal high-Q boost frequencies: they’re strange and have numerous side-bands and artifacts. That’s why they got renamed to more descriptive labels in Energy (though Energy still kinda assumes 44.1K with regard to the naming).

If you’d like Air, buy Energy and ask me for Air in email. I’ll send it.