Airwindows Impulses

AirwindowsImpulses?is not a plugin, but my first set of samples. These are reverb impulses, for use with Space Designer or any convolution reverb. They are free. Here’s what you get…

AirportTerminal– just what it says. Of course, one cannot fire off a starter pistol in an airport- so this impulse is created from something else. It is actually the blowing up of a distant building, and the echoes are actually floors collapsing onto other floors, or additional explosions. The exploding empty rooms produce a fantastic vast airport with lots of glass and reverberation. Although this is an acoustic impulse, it has a decent reverb tail, simply because the explosions did not stop there- the real sound rises to a crescendo, which I’m fading gradually to silence to simulate verb decay.

CastleThunder– The story of this impulse is interesting- this is a treatment of the famous, widely available ‘CastleThunder’ thunder sound effect, heard on countless cheesey movies. It’s faded just enough to suppress the rumbling tail slightly, and in this context, it is a specialty reverb effect. For what? For producing an old, spooky ambience very convincingly. If you put this as a verb on pads, they will take on a monster-movie character. If you put it on drums, they go krakoww! All without muddying the sound very much- this is a killer ‘flavor’ effect that reeks of old funky tone color.

GiantCave– Another treated thunder effect, this one is much less colored, but still has extremely strong character. It’s a very difficult sound, lousy intelligibility, and the dissipation is as if it’s only one of a vast series of interlinking caves through which the sound escapes. However, it sounds like you think ultimate caves would sound, which is something I’ve not ever found from genuine cave impulses.

Hangar– This is also pretty close to being an infinitely loud PA on an infinite plain, and it’s stereo. The source? Sixteen inch naval guns. A great deal of treatment was necessary to deal with the abrupt decay of the original sound. The result does a pretty good job of seeming either like a near-infinite room, or an infinite plain. A synthetically stretched tail was overlaid onto the source to smooth the tail, but it’s not going to produce an infinitely lingering decay- the idea was to have it drop below audibility without artifacts. Amazing for pads.

OutdoorBlastoff– sounds like a concert 3000 miles away, so loud it explodes the sun. This sound is the crackle of a Space Shuttle takeoff, miles up in the atmosphere. Straaaaaange acoustic phenomena translate to an absolutely unprecedented reverb impulse. However, it’s super bass heavy, so be careful :)

OutdoorStadium– football stadium. Unreasonably long, because this is a synthetic effect it has an extraordinarily clean tail- also on the bass heavy side. The synthetic impulses are NOT made with the Voxengo raytracer, I wrote dedicated software to generate them.

Plate (large, medium, small, super dry)- synthetic plates which I think are unusually good. A lot of this stuff is down to me being a mastering engineer and interested in soundstage depth- to me it’s very important that reverb baths are DEEP.

Prime (long, medium, short, xtra long)- an entirely mathematical impulse except for a bit of Nyquist-frequency smoothing. Prime is the same technology that’s in my BrightAmbience plugin, but without the gating effect: it’s a impulse ‘tick’ sequence with prime number spacings, calculated in such a way that the output resembles white noise- except that, because of the mathematical characteristics of the prime sequence, the reverb is absolutely colorless for all lower frequencies (it does have a nasty ring for anything that actually reaches the Nyquist frequency, though). It’s the ultimate giant glass chamber reverb.

RoomConcertHall– this is a synthetic Concertgebouw. Can be bass heavy, very orchestral quality.

RoomHuge– not kidding. Like a mammoth convention space. Synthetic for perfectly clean tail (again, not the Voxengo raytracer).

RoomLarge– giant drum room, not quite as huge as RoomHuge.

RoomMedium– big drum room, but small enough to be maybe more versatile. None of these rooms are bright like algorithmic verbs, they’re pretty dark and distant.

RoomPool– Yes! Probably the most ultimate huge indoor pool impulse in the universe at this time. MONSTROUS and totally synthetic, so the tail is perfectly clean! Unlike the outdoor ones, this one has better controlled bass, so it can also be crushingly loud in the mix- but the ungodly length and sustain of it might make things awfully unmanageable. But in a good way :)