Airwindows Linux

Look down.

Look up.

Your Airwindows plugins are now LinuxVST :D

What, every new one from now on?

No. ALL of them. (also, the direct downloads: search for individual plugins if you prefer)

(okay, more like ‘currently developed ones that have been VST’: 84 separate packages. Everything I still had code for, not including ‘initial bug versions’ that got fixed but I kept the released versions around because you gotta let people download weird versions if they need them for recall)

This is thanks to Eugene Cherny (who is ech2 on github) who knew how to build LinuxVSTs when me and my brother couldn’t get ’em to work. Open source is cool: Eugene didn’t do that much of the work, just did a script-based system for autobuilding the plugins that are currently open sourced under the MIT license. That meant that I could use the system too… and I did the work of setting it up for every single plugin Airwindows maintains as VST (and a few that are coming up). And I ran the script (currently on my github too) and away it went, and then it was just repackaging everything up. The grunt work.

But as we learned when I had the denormal-bug-fixes to solve, I’m not scared of grunt work, especially when a script is doing part of the heavy lifting. (if anyone can make a script that entirely or in part does a port to VCV Rack, I’ll do this all over again and then the also open-source Rack will have ALL the Airwindows plugins. They could ship with it so long as the MIT license is honored with a credit)

They seem to work just dandy. So at last the promise is honored: all at once, as I sort of expected. And LinuxVST is now a permanent part of what Airwindows does, and increasingly you’ll see MIT-licensed open source (not sure if anyone noticed, but I’m doing the one opensource from the catalog of what’s come before per month, AND all current releases: so the numbers are increasing faster than you’d think. I never said I wouldn’t also opensource everything new that comes out)

Have fun, Linux-mongers! :D