AllSpaceDemo?is like a precursor to PocketVerbs, only not :)

Specifically, this is the reverb designed to run dual-mono and give the ultimate, hugest, lushest depth. It’s also the reverb that put the hurt on processors back in the day, and broke Digital Performer while it was at it. Still don’t know what went wrong there, unless it’s just the scope of the plugin.

Dual-mono means it won’t make a single reverb field, it’ll place reverb trails behind elements in a stereo mix. You can also put it on mono tracks and it’ll load up only one channel of processing.

AllSpace is a mid-period Airwindows reverb, trying to do everything through the actual delay tanks themselves. It’s got the separate room size and liveness controls, treble and bass controls that are inside the reverb rather than after it, and a control called Smoke. What this does is, fuzz up higher frequencies passing through the reverb, diffracting them into noise. The technique is still at work in Airwindows reverbs like Space, but originated here (plus, I think you can exaggerate it with Allspace).

If you’d like Allspace, test out the demo first to see if it breaks your machine. Then, if it works, buy the most recent Space reverb and ask me for FarSpace3 in email. I’ll send that to you, and it includes a copy of AllSpace. Then you’ll have three Airwindows reverbs for the price of one, and that should cover most anything you’d want to do with reverb.