Amps?was a strange experiment. It’s six different plugin amp simulators… not cab, mind you, just digital amps.

I don’t really use digital amps now. I like real tubes, and the stuff you can do with a guitar seems very hard to properly represent in software, which I’m okay with. But at this time, I had a go at guitar amp sims, Airwindows style.

What that meant was generally running many stages of things. Overdrives into highpasses into more overdrives and so on. The result didn’t find its way into salable products as I hoped: in fact, it became freebies largely because, like Flutter, I didn’t think I’d succeeded.

That said, if you need unusual digital overdrives, these things are explicitly for doing just that. They’re no Kempers, but they’re free and all different, and if you need different colors of saturation plugins it might be worth looking through these guys. No harm in trying!