TL;DW: Apicolypse is a re-release of my old API-style color adder, exactly as it was.


Feeling somewhat better, though I still have some recovering to do: at any rate, I’m back in the swing of things with plugins! This is Apicolypse, kin to Neverland: there will be others, but I’ve got a couple of things such as DigitalBlack and another Evergreens to do, so we’re not going all-Character all the time until they’re done. I will, however, persist with ’em :)

Apicolypse works the same way Neverland did. It’s a drop-in replacement for old mixes, and was a precursor to BussColors. It’s got a simpler method of generating its dynamic impulses, making them a sort of continuous spectrum between the low-level and high-level sounds. Like Neverland, it’s 44.1K though it will still function at any rate you like (sort of pitched up): like Neverland, it’s got a hardness control that at 0 is the ‘Density’ algorithm, at 1.0 is straight digital clipping at the extreme, and at any setting between is a sort of hybrid that turned out to not be the greatest: a switch from perfectly clean, to soft-clip at any desired transition point. Technically if you had it so it only kicked in on hot peaks, it’d be hard to find fault with it: I don’t recommend setting it (on this or any Character plug or ‘Crystal’) to a position where soft-clip kicks in at very low level. Either do Hardness at zero, or high enough that most of the audio stays ‘un-distorted’: you can do what you like, though, I’m not the boss of you :)

This work is supported by Patreon. It took a bit of a down-swing when I was sick, but that’s natural: that’s the internet economy for ya. But I’m back in action, still appreciating the Patreon support, gonna be doing another Evergreens probably within a month for Patreons (if you don’t see me that week, it might be the week for that: Patreon supporters will get a notice) and oh… one more thing.

Me and my brother Dan sat down for the first time today and began working on the secrets of VSTGUI: the old school stuff, that would be compatible with my intensely backward-compatible builds. He says it looks like sort of late-80s style C++, which is why it was so incomprehensible to me, and he doesn’t like that style (it’s doing multiple inheritance) but he CAN understand it. There’s not going to be immediate results from this so don’t get too hyped yet… but we took the first step, and I have a lot of clarity on exactly how I mean to do stuff. In VSTGUI, I mean. (We also did some game coding, but that’s another project entirely)

Talk to ya later: I’m doing Q&A on Monday as usual, and music jam of some sort on Tuesday, and folks can log on and play Minecraft with me and chat on my Wednesday day-off stream.