TL;DW: Soften headset mic recordings that have been super hard clipped on capture.


I hope this is handy for somebody: I made it for myself. The idea is, if you’re a youtuber or something and have the ability to post-process your mic feed, you might have it set up so normal levels give a normal sound, but then if some monster jumps out and KILLS you in your video game, you might scream very loudly into your mic and blow the recording into ridiculously loud clipping.

This does several things. Firstly, it clips and softens those moments further and tries to suppress some of the highs you got from the super-hard clipping. Secondly, it’s got a highpass which can subdue thumps and pops, and can also be used in conjunction with something like a pitch shifter to give cartoony voices (I’ve tried this with DiracFxAU, now known as zynaptiq: only used their demo AU, didn’t use their library in anything code-wise and won’t be doing so as they are unaffordable). I found highpassing before the pitch processing was very helpful for toon voices of that type.

This isn’t the seriousest of plugins, but I’ve seen people ask me for it, so now it’s free and Mac/PC VST too. I think it’s best confined to its intended use, processing single voice tracks that have wildly distorted moments. If you try to use it on the 2-buss I will be very cross with you ;)

I’ve been doing all this work supported by Patreon, which is to say supported by those of you who are able to toss me a buck a month or so. Patreon itself doesn’t do a thing to find people who’ll help me: they’re simply another sort of payment processor. So if you can do $12 a year or find more people who think that’s a good investment to have a Chris From Airwindows continually thinking up new free stuff to give you, I greatly appreciate it. This appreciation is usually shown in the form of plugins, but when I have other stuff to also offer, I’ll let you know what’s brewing in the secret airwindows vats of awesomeness ;) and yes, something is brewing beyond plugins and you’ll be hearing about it before another year is out. And I don’t even mean the Axoloti, but I’m very excited about that hardware platform too :)