AQuickVoiceClip?is for recordings such as gamer LPs, where the performance sometimes yells into the mic and completely blows it away into clipping. It subdues the HF hash while retaining clarity when not clipping, and contains a highpass that works with the anti-clipper code. It’s not a ‘un-clipper’ but it tames the distortion a bit.?

The reason this little plugin came into existence was, I did some gamer Let’s Plays on YouTube, with a little headset mic. They were Minecraft, and I was trying to work out how to set levels in the situation where you were speaking nicely into the microHOLYCRUDACREEPERAAAAAAA!

There was no real way to pad the mic down to where levels were okay, and still not blow it up by yelling in sudden alarm. Plus, gamers seemed to like yelling into their mics anyway. What to do?

Fortunately, my video capture program, Screenflow, allowed for Audio Units on tracks.

This plugin can be thrown onto a voice capture, and will attack hard clipping to try and make it sound less nasty. It also lets you highpass the audio, for things like feeding voice-changers: just set the frequency. It’s totally free, so if it comes in handy that’s fine. Never did work out how to REALLY un-clip a clipped, yelling gamer voice track. But this did, and does, its job pretty well.