Audio Units

for 64 bit, 32 bit and PPC Macs

Airwindows plugins are modular, graphic-less, stripped-down, Audio Unit plugins, for the Mac. They’re all coded to work on PPC and Intel processors, because there are a lot of perfectly good PPC Macs out there in studios. They are also all 64 bit- triple binary, i386 / x86_64 / ppc.

why no GUI?

Airwindows’ reputation was?built out of generic-interface plugins, which typically focus on doing only one thing, often with very simple controls, labelled to help understanding but not to encourage formulaic work. There are two reasons for the generic, non-GUI interfaces. One, because it improves reliability a huge amount (many audio plugin bugs, including showstopper bugs, have to do with the GUI part). Two, because time that could be spent debugging the GUI or tweaking its look—or writing copyprotect code—can be better spent improving the sound. That’s how Airwindows rolls, since 2007.

in mix, nobody can hear your screen

Airwindows is about listening. It’s about the sound being far more exciting than looking at the screen, because that’s all your audience will have to go by. If you get good feelings, it had better be about what you hear! The plugins naturally lend themselves to MIDI control, assigning sliders to control surfaces. Doing that, you can mix without watching pixels, and listen without being distracted by nonsounds.