TL;DW: Centered bass reinforcement with subs fill. Clean and controllable.


As promised, here’s BassKit! This is much like DubSub or DubCenter, except it’s strictly mono bass and is designed to be super controllable. The controls are simplified and kind of optimized so only good-sounding results come out. You need to have good subwoofers (or use SubsOnly to test) to use the Sub output, otherwise you may not be able to hear what you’re doing as it’s much deeper and more filtered than you get with most DubSub patches (the filters are somewhat rearranged).

The Bass reinforcement works like if you were using the head bump in ToTape, except it’s mono-only so it will only reinforce usefully. Because BassKit is meant for mastering and 2-buss duties, and not the full range of madness available in DubSub/DubCenter, it uses the bass and sub augmentation ONLY as additions to dry: never ‘wet only’. You can exaggerate it, but the intention is to make it easy to add bass and subs in a sensible, controlled way. I hope it proves useful, and I know it will be more well-behaved than DubSub in case that one was too unmanageable for normal use :)

This work is supported by Patreon, and I thank everyone who’s been involved with that as it lets me devote my full attention to my work. I have plans to improve the DeEss I’ve just released: I thought it was the best ever, and found there were some great engineers who had specific needs (needing DeEss to more clearly isolate esses from the regular sound). Because of the great feedback, I think I figured out what to do to achieve this, and I’m going to work on it.

I’ve also noticed new visitors… from Japan! I am only an American in Vermont and cannot speak the language (though my software is open source and it’s permitted for other people to translate and redistribute it). I appreciate the attention even if all I can do is turn to Google and say ありがとう、私は助けようとする (thank you, I will try to help)