BassKitDemo?is a precursor to DubSub, with some obscure features all its own. It’s set up more like a full-mix sub-octave synthesizer, and doesn’t have the bass-amp type features DubSub has.

Dry/Wet is at the top because it’s not overall: it runs as part of the balance but the sub-octave and ‘floor’ stuff goes after it.

Root Note is the intensity of the ‘boosted bass’ component, and SubOctave is the intensity of the octave-down (working like a stompbox and not like a spectral-analysis plugin, it sounds beefier and rawer but can glitch out too).

Cutoff Freq works as a tone control on the bass components, and Floor Freq works like a special highpass, filling in psychoacoustic bass to make up for the highpassing.

If you’d like BassKit, buy DubSub and ask me for BassKit in email. I’ll send it.