TL;DW: BiquadOneHalf is an interleaved biquad filter like Biquad.

Hi folks! Disregard this one. Unless you like basic tech demos and REALLY subtle subtleties. And the video demo didn’t come out, and it’s too late to do it over… time to rest up so future, better, more exciting plugins can get posted properly and well.

BiquadOneHalf is tech that’s going into my future plugins. You have to set the frequency twice as high as you would using Biquad, and it can only go up to 1/4 Nyquist, but the way it interacts with the sampling frequency is special and works very well for some types of filtering. You’ll be getting more developed plugins of that nature soon, and all through January, but for now I got this: working version of the new Biquad filter variation, that you can use on stuff.

It’s the first version, not the ‘sweepable’ version, because this is going to find its way into fixed-frequency EQs, ‘head bump’ etc… compare it to Biquad remembering to use twice the frequency you otherwise would. It’s happiest on bass or midrange: much like regular Biquad, trying to force it to get real close to its high frequency limit can get messy.

Patreon now gets you an extra minute of livestream every time the amount goes up enough (that’s pretty fine granularity). See ya Monday, where we’ll figure out what day the ‘listen to people’s music onstream’ will be. Have fun with BiquadOneHalf. Don’t bump this thread, I’m sure holiday sales from other folks are much more important and anyway the plugin video is derped and the loudness is totally not loud enough (I changed it on a stream and then didn’t spot that I needed to put it back). weee! Merry merry. Talk to ya later.