TL;DW: An unusual edge-maker.


This plugin is a weird little science experiment. I’ve got Iron Oxide Classic coming, but I still have to make a video for it and get it ready (and do the other offshoot TapeDust) and this one was ready to go, so here it is :)

Bite puts on a sort of midrange edge. At high sample rates it’ll be more of a trebly edge. It’s no specific frequency, so much as it’s just a harshening factor: you can also use it inversely, to take out midrange edge. It runs a couple samples of latency: on VST that works as a couple samples of delay. Again: an experiment, a science project.

I’ve got some changes (new things you can get) in my Patreon. There’s a new, easier goal to reach: if we get to $700 a month, I will begin releasing a plugin a month from the bottom part of the list: the ones that are on the tail end, scheduled for a loooonnnnggg time from now. That’s in addition to ‘in order of popularity’, which I’m still doing. The ones from the bottom are my pick: the only thing is, I will pick only ones whose lifetime sales are less than what my Patreon is at. As it gets higher, it opens up more possibilities, but I already have some I could do. For instance, StarChild, ElectroHat, or PurestWarm.

As before, if I get to $800 I will begin open sourcing one plugin from what I’ve already released (my pick).

If I get to $900, I will make it YOUR pick which ‘tail end of the list’ plugin we get. It’ll be some sort of vote of patrons or something. Same deal: pick one that has less lifetime sales than my Patreon is at. By $900 that includes Aura (a killer!) and Single Ended Triode, and OneCornerClip. There are a few real prizes in there.

And as before, if I get to $1000 on the Patreon, I’ll put out two free plugins from the top of the list, which will make reaching any particular plugin go twice as fast. And so on… I’m just adding new stuff between the other goals so that we can see more of the fancy plugins come out quicker. It seems to help teach people what I’m about :)

Next, Iron Oxide Classic, as soon as I make the video!