Bite?is a precursor to Cojones. Here’s how it works.

It works out what the average sample would be, between two points (if you smoothed off the sound completely and there were no transients in there). Then, it checks what actually IS there (not with the sophistication of Cojones, it’s just pretending the ‘smooth’ value would be a straight line between the two points). Then, it takes that difference, and exaggerates it.

This plugin sounds very digital and edgy. It might find use in EDM or wherever sharp pointy noises have to really poke out without simply boosting highs indiscriminately: it doesn’t really pump up the very top end, so much as put sharp corners on everything.

You don’t want this if you’re doing hi-fi, or going for a lush expensive sort of sound, but if you’re juxtaposing different sorts of textures this might be just the thing for some elements. It lets you push the edginess of percussive sounds spectacularly without changing their tonal balance that much. Basically, you know if this one will be any use. If not, nothing lost. If so—you’re welcome!

Bite runs four samples of latency.