BrassRider?is by request of a friend of mine, a fellow called?Slipperman. That’s not to say that it MET with his approval, mind you, but the idea for this freebie was very much his.

He said to call it ‘Andy’ and everyone would know what that meant. I’m not so sure, so I called it BrassRider in hopes I could get a bit closer to the mark.

Put it on overheads, and it will try to ride up cymbal crashes, while ignoring drum hits.

It’s a stereo plugin, on the grounds that overheads are often recorded with a stereo pair. It uses techniques from my DeEsser, and it does its level best to grab on to cymbal crashes and ride those, without being triggered by drum hits even if those are louder than the cymbals. I’m not at all sure it’s better than just grabbing the fader, but when Slippy asks, Slippy gets ;) And so do you, as it’s free for the taking, as is.

(This technique is well known in the work of Andy Sneap, hence the suggested name of ‘Andy’)