BroadcastDemo?is the precursor to Podcast, originally designed to be part of the signal chain for low-power FM broadcasters. The idea was to bring really powerful loudness maximization with some of the tools of FM radio processing, and make a plugin that didn’t attempt to sound hi-fi or like mix compression, but specifically like radio signal chain compression.

You balance the output between level and drive boost (both make louder, but in different ways), and apply phase rotation to the extent that you want. Output level and especially dry/wet are just there for completeness.

Bear in mind that this plugin does NOT attempt to perfectly prevent overmodulation. If you slam it, it might well deliver some ‘fringey’ overshoots on highs, and you don’t want that in real FM broadcast. SSL’s meter ‘X-ISM’ can show you some of the overshoots in a crude way: if that meter’s analog clip lights come on when the digital clip ones don’t, it means you’re getting serious overshoots that would raise hell with an FM broadcast.

I haven’t got anything (for now) that will ideally control overshoots on FM broadcast, nor do I have pre-emphasis for FM radio. So, Broadcast isn’t really that complete, hence the name change to Podcast when I simplified it. It’s just as close as I’ve come.

If you’d like this anyway, buy Podcast and ask for Broadcast in email. I’ll send it, then you’ll have both.