BussColors 4

TL;DW: The Airwindows console emulations, now working up to 192K correctly.


I’m very pleased to bring you the latest version of BussColors :)

This plugin’s a pretty huge deal: it’s been around since before console emulations were a thing, and I’ve been steadily working on it year after year. There’s not been much to do: my original algorithms, once I moved past the earliest incarnation as the ‘Character’ plugins, were so solid that it left little to do. BussColors has sold $22,445 of plugins over the years, as Audio Units alone, in spite of the fact that it has always been a 44.1K plug (due to being based on a convolution model).

The story there is, a guy at NoiseVault always wanted someone to make a plugin which used his sets of hardware convolution kernels, which he’d done at all different levels. Sort of the Nebula thing (Giancarlo has been a great help when I was getting the VST thing going, check out Nebula)

I’m not that. I’m Chris from Airwindows… so I set out to make my own version of this sort of thing, with hardcoded algorithms generated on-the-fly, as raw and close to the metal as I could get it. And I got some pretty respectable CPU efficiency with all of the tone quality I wanted, limited to 44.1K.


Try it. BussColors4 is the newest version of BussColors, and it works at any sample rate and gets you the same sound. Better, in fact: I like what it does a lot better at 96K and 192K. It also doesn’t greatly expand processing and CPU hit at higher sample rates. I think this one’s a real highlight of the Airwindows arsenal. It would definitely be worth your $50, like its predecessors (well, I always did give existing BussColors users free updates for life, I mean for new buyers). Feel free to shoot it out against the most expensive and/or CPU-hungry options and I think it will clobber all comers.

And since it’s a Patreon supported plugin, it is AU and Mac/PC VST, and it is free. Now, if you LIKE me bringing the industry tools like this to use, you might find it in your best interest to throw me a buck a month using the Patreon so I continue to make and upgrade these plugins. BussColors didn’t used to be ‘all sample rates’, until I worked out how to do it properly, and now it is. I think if you look at the stuff I’ve done, and the stuff I’m preparing to do, you’ll see the point of supporting the Patreon.

It’s a long video. Feel free to just download and start using the plugin, and I hope you like it. :)