BussColors2Demo brought gain trim controls to BussColors, enabled it to work with Console as a drop-in replacement for ConsoleChannel, and doubled the number of hardware models.

Where BussColors had Rock, Lush, Punch and Tube (from impulses by SSL, Neve, API and Manley—revealed for those who dig through old posts! I’m still not marketing based on those names, though), BussColors2 added Dark, Vibe, Holo and Steel. Dark acted a lot like an MCI though I’m not sure what bit of hardware actually produced that sound, Vibe and Steel are just different and Holo was from Focusrite and brought a great ‘sense of visualization’ to the sound.

The antialiasing code is different, and many internal things were tweaked and altered.

I think the newest BussColors is the one you’d want, but if you’d like this version, buy the newest one and email me. I’ll send it.