How do you buy my stuff?

I’ve been using Patreon for years, and work full-time on plugins while supported by my Patreon supporters, so technically you don’t buy my stuff, you buy ‘me continuing to work’ or even ‘me having lots of resources to expand to even greater things’.

Now everything I do is for free, AU and Mac/PC VST, and you can download them all at

That’s too many, so there’s a starter kit: download the Starter Kit, here. There is a video where I walk you through how to use the Starter Kit, which might help too :)

There are still a few plugins that are NOT VST yet, they’re Mac-only and AU-only. (I just want to be clear about that :) ) You probably shouldn’t be buying any of those, everything will eventually make its way into the open source library in NewUpdates.

Still with me? OK, there is one final concern: some people don’t want to do Patreon, and are looking for a way to just throw me a few bucks. These plugins used to sell for $60 (then $50) each. If you feel strongly that you should support the work I’ve done but don’t want to be on the Patreon (like a subscription system except nothing gets taken back from you, ever), you can PayPal me money at: