CabsDemo?was a curiosity based on some experimentation. Back in the day I spent some time trying to do digital guitar amp simulation (before I realized that I enjoyed real electric amps better) and I made some plugins very early on that were convolution-based and using freely available guitar cab samples. They didn’t work that well, and I wanted to do a lot more.

Cabs resulted. The cab type gives you the convolved tone color (it likes to run at 44.1K). Color Boost lets you blend that in with the raw sound. Fizz Disrupt does something strange to the extreme highs, and you can get some really messed up glitchy edge to the sound using that. Heavy Range and Heavy Boost are fullness enhancers, and then there’s the output level.

I had in mind that you could use them along with Vox Amplugs for a real low-budget easy guitar recording thing. Indeed you can, though I was more excited about this before I set up my simple real guitar rig ;) definitely try it out, there’s always the possibility that it will help. At the time, I was very into using (cheap) real analog such as the Amplugs, and then doctoring that ITB. There’s no question that it was a heck of a lot cheaper than what I’ve got now: the cost of the real amp or a 57 is nothing compared to the cost of the pre and converter you need to get the most out of that stuff.

Cabs is $50.