CabSVT?is a monster plugin. It runs off convolution impulses, so it expects you to be running at 44.1K (mind you, it’ll still work whatever sampling rate you have, it’ll just be pitched up) and it applies a bass guitar cab impulse to your tone. It does it in an extremely peculiar way, even for Airwindows. You might like the sound you get: I hope so, as it’s pretty unmaintainable. CabSVT is free.

It takes a big long sample buffer and begins adding sample positions, as if randomly. Then divides the result, and begins adding in more samples. The result being, you get the effect of a giant convolution impulse, but with a fraction of the processing. It all sort of blends together, and gives a solidity to the sound not often found in convolved audio (which usually gets sort of washed out, to my ear).

There’s a wattage control that’s basically overdrive of a sort, a closemiking control that weights the internal calculations, DI versus Cab controls… basically, it’s free, play with it. It’s like a convolution impulse of a bass cab, except it’s implemented really strangely and the tone is pretty huge. Have fun!

CabSVT declares three samples of latency.