TL;DW: Calibre is a re-release of another old Character plugin.

Hi! I’m back with another plugin, though I’m still trying to keep it boring and encourage people to only be on my Patreon if they really, really can afford it. I’m doing my best to show that I’m doing fine, beyond that I don’t know what to do. Other than keep on keepin’ on.

Calibre is another Character plugin, re-released in AU and VST form. This one’s got kind of a steely quality and if you hype the Character control there’s a point where bass cancels out: weird variation on a tone control! Also, that means if you duplicated the track (or used Blue Cat Patchwork or something) and flipped phase, you’d get a really unusual lowpass and would have only the bass and a lot of strange color. It’s free and open source and I hope you like it.

Like I’ve said in the video, I’m trying to not be too exciting while I ask people not to overcommit to the Patreon, but I do have plans and I’m doing stuff. I could do a video on how I’m making LUTs, and I’ve figured out how I’ll review modular stuff I love while keeping it relatable to non-modular users: I will do the video celebrating the module, and then put up the raw module sound (very high res!) on my Soundcloud as downloadable 24/96 which will also mean I can post about the video anywhere I’m allowed to post release of sample products. And that way, if I’ve built fancy wiring harnesses with extra caps and stuff as my recommended way to use a module, you don’t HAVE to build the same harness, you can grab the samples heard in the video, isolated from my voice track :)

Anyway here’s Calibre ;)