TL:DW; Filter.


Sometimes half the fun is just inventing :)

People say all filter plugins are just biquads with different GUIs. It’s not true… or at least it’s not true at Airwindows. (actually I have to see what I can get out of biquads: I generally don’t even use ’em at all)

This is a new filter. When I say new, I mean that you don’t have it. I can demonstrate that, because due to the way it works it has a little characteristic response quirk at 1/3 the sampling rate: nothing that hurts the sound, just an odd little notch under some circumstances.

Because it’s a typically Airwindowsy, not-normal EQ algorithm, nobody has tried it, and because of the little quirk, if anybody did try it they knew they had to reject it, because it wasn’t perfect. It had a quirk! And even if they experimented, they probably weren’t that invested in concepts like the sequence of operations on stuff that, in theory, could be done in any order. Why care so much about the implementation details of an idea that had a quirk anyhow and was therefore useless?

More fools they :)

Because musically, this filter has tone for DAYS.

There’s almost an analog-synth-like effect to it: though it doesn’t accentuate the rolloff point, it behaves almost like a DJ ‘isolator’ in the obviousness of its filtering. It has a highpass, a lowpass, and dry/wet, and the high and lowpass are melded into each other as part of the algorithm to get the sound more fluid. It’s also got new experiments in rejecting zipper noise and clicks, because I’m figuring people will want to automate this one. But, even though it’ll work for crazy effects and ‘isolator’ madness, the fullness of the tone will also let you use it in mastering: if you need to tighten bass or roll off just a hint of brightness, you’ll pay no penalty in the body of the music. And the dry/wet is there to let you treat it as a shelf… or to create a presence boost by isolating an area of interest, and then leaving it mostly dry with a hint of the clarified zone.

I’m thrilled with this filter, and nobody else has it: nobody else would be allowed to do this one, because it has a quirk at 1/3 the sampling rate, and typical commercial developers are not allowed DSP quirks. But, since I’m supported by Patreon, I am. I’m developing a whole revised concept of what DSP in 2017 can mean, and I think you can hear what I’m up to in the plugins when you try them. Some might prefer the rather cumbersome methods and DSP of the commercial plugin industry, and if you like that, don’t let me stop you.

But if you like the stuff I started to get into when I brought out PurestDrive and that line of plugins, before Airwindows Patreon was even a thing, then it’s your lucky day. I’ve turned it into an analog-like filter, and it’s free. Have fun using it :)