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    Hi! I've got a new plugin you can have! These plugins come in Mac AU, and Mac, Windows and Linux VST. They are state of the art sound, have no DRM, and have totally minimal generic interface so you focus on your sounds.

    Compressors +

    Airwindows Plugins Starter Kit

    StarterKit.zip(4.5M) This is the Airwindows Plugin Starter Kit. It contains 11 plugins (if you count Console as its own kind of plugin) and you should be able to make ’em do just about anything musical you could want. This includes many forms of ‘analog emulation’ and a great deal of creative mix exploration. There’s a […]


    TL;DW: PowerSag2 is my improved circuit-starve plugin, now with inverse effect! PowerSag2.zip(347k) This is PowerSag (my circuit-power-supply-starve plugin), but the internals are coded differently for more efficiency on modern CPUs, it gets twice as much maximum effect range (which will help if you’re using it at high sample rates) and it now has an inverse/wet […]


    TL;DW: Podcast is a simpler pile of curve-style compressors with hard clipping. Podcast.zip(354k) Here’s the followup to PodcastDeluxe, as promised. Podcast is the same technique, multiple compressors that are the precursor to curve and Recurve, but simplified: without the phase rotators, without the full-on attempt to do ‘radio broadcast’ style tricks. This also means Podcast […]


    TL;DW: PodcastDeluxe is a pile of compressors (curve style) and phase rotators. PodcastDeluxe.zip(358k) I’ll be quick as everything was weird today: recorded video in a big thunderstorm, and then when I was ready to upload it, YouTube broke. I very nearly posted the plugin anyhow, without video, in order to say I was more dependable […]

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    ivosight.com – courtesy Johnny Wishoff

    Podigy Podcast Editing Service

    If you’re pledging the equivalent of three or more plugins per year, I’ll happily link you on the sidebar, including a link to your music or project! Message me to ask.

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