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    Hi! I've got a new plugin you can have! These plugins come in Mac AU, and Mac, Windows and Linux VST. They are state of the art sound, have no DRM, and have totally minimal generic interface so you focus on your sounds.


    Circle Of Fifths Reference Wheels

    This post is something I’ve been promising: these are the chords I base my synthesizer music on. The idea is that I’m using Music Thing Modular Chord Organs, which I’ve hot-rodded, and I can apply control voltages to vary chords around any given location on this wheel. More randomness gives you more striking chord departures. […]

    Airwindows Nodal Tempo Guide

    Here’s something interesting, that’s not even a plugin. I hope it’s useful, though it’s one of the more out-there researches I’ve explored. If this works, it allows for fine-tuning of musical feel on a whole new level. Click on it for the full size jpeg, which you can save and use. Tempo seems to show […]

    Airwindows Chord Organ Firmware Redux

    Three hours of video explaining my updated Chord Organ Firmware, which is HERE! AirwindowsChordOrgan.zip(94k) This time, the mic worked and this marathon masterclass in all things Chord Organ is strongly recommended for Eurorack DIYers and synth enthusiasts! It’s basically a total braindump in the current state of the art for procedural chord structure generation, with […]

    Making LUTs with Chris from Airwindows

    Here’s something a bit different! PsychLUTs LUTs are LookUp Tables for camera adjusting, video making… all sorts of things. And you can use them in the video streaming software I use, OBS (and in many other places!) I’d been seeing a wild video effect in the Buchla videos of Kevin Rix, and was trying to […]

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    Podigy Podcast Editing Service

    If you’re pledging the equivalent of three or more plugins per year, I’ll happily link you on the sidebar, including a link to your music or project! Message me to ask.

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