Channel2?is the classic freebie analogifying plugin, Channel, brought up to date. The selector switch bug is fixed, so you can play with the Neve and API settings! There’s anti-aliasing for a slicker, less digital sound! It’s better than ever and still totally free.

Channel2 works in three ways. First, there’s a very faint touch of highpassing, reining in the extremes of digital bass to more of what’s practical in analog circuits. This was worked out by measuring impulses from real hardware, but the application is very simple. Then, there’s a slew clipper that restricts the slew rate of the plugin. Lastly, there’s the same type of saturation present in Density, but applied in the simplest way, and then blended with the input signal as dry/wet—which means the curve becomes gentler and gentler as you saturate less. It’s this super-gentle saturation curve that people loved in Channel.

Channel2 runs one sample of latency.