Channel4 is the Purest version of this ever-popular plugin, still free, better than ever, and with all the latest improvements! It’s still 64/32/PPC as far as what it can run on. It’s 80-bit internally like PurestDrive and PurestGain and the latest Console. It’s got the noise shaping to the 32-bit CoreAudio buss, and it has been simplified back to the original Console’s pureness of algorithm (no more tricky antialiasing schemes) except that it keeps the fix for the selector switch so you can use all the variations!

Channel4 works in three ways. First, there’s a very faint touch of highpassing, reining in the extremes of digital bass to more of what’s practical in analog circuits. This was worked out by measuring impulses from real hardware, but the application is very simple. Then, there’s a slew clipper that restricts the slew rate of the plugin. Lastly, there’s the same type of saturation present in Density, but applied in the simplest way, and then blended with the input signal as dry/wet—which means the curve becomes gentler and gentler as you saturate less. It’s this super-gentle saturation curve that people loved in Channel.

Have a good holiday! I’ll have more things coming, I’ve been busy in my little workshop! :)