TL;DW: Channel7 improves slew clipping and lets you blend Channel 6 and 5.

Short and sweet. You know how Interstage got an update because the slew clipping was too intense on high sample rates? This applied to Channel, too. So, Channel7 now handles high sample rates better than any previous Channel.

There’s more: Channel5 was the last one with the ‘Density’ algorithm, that’s extra fat-sounding. Channel6 got the Spiral algorithm, much purer and clearer… but without that fatness effect Density gets. My attempts to make a special algorithm that does both gave me Mojo and Dyno… neither of which are Channel or a replacement for either Spiral or Density.

So, Channel7 simply goes to 200%, not 100%. Up to 100% it’s the same as Channel6, but with the slew clipping fix. From 100% to 200% it does a crossfade into Channel5’s Density algorithm—so it ends up being best of all possible worlds. You can seamlessly go from perfectly clean, to the purest saturation there is, and beyond that to add any degree of fatness you like to the sound (and it fades between Spiral and Density, so there’s extra subtlety to the way it transitions).

Channel7: yeah, you’re pretty much going to want this upgrade no matter which Channel you liked. It is all of the best, more effective than ever.

If you ever jumped on the Patreon because of a version of Channel… you should take this for free ‘cos it’s an update to something you already have :D I guess if you never joined the Patreon, and you were impressed by Monitoring, and you never tried Channel, and all of it leads to you wanting to throw money, then go ahead and join (or I have a Ko-Fi as a backup plan you could use, or paypal or something). But this one’s Channel version 7. If you use Channel you should have this and not feel like I’m trying to squeeze more money out of you so definitely DON’T feel obligated to up your patronage just over this. Keep an eye out and I’ll try to do more that justifies more support. This one’s me giving back. You should get updates for free when I’m able to improve things a little more each time. Enjoy :)