Cider (and Beyond Snares)

TL;DW: Cider is a re-release of another old Character plugin. (also, drum samples!)

So, don’t watch the video!

I mean, you can, but it’s nothing but me talking. My rig broke. I hope I can have it fixed by next week, we’ll see. (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday streams are still on)

So in the absence of ANY audio…

Hi! I have two things you unfortunately can’t hear, this time. Firstly, Cider is another Character plugin. Works like the last few, sounds kinda like an MCI console? You’ll have to listen for yourself as my rig is broken (this might drive me back to Logic or something, but I’ll fix it somehow).

Secondly, I was working on drum samples. I use a little sampler in my music and it can take pretty high-end samples, so I thought I’d re-do my snares. Specifically, I ran them through this chain: Ponoplayer into Heritage audio mixer with Successor compressor on the 2-buss insert into Lavry Black ADC… the signal path of how I make music, with a heck of a lot of transformers and stuff. This was to compress the snare and re-record it: not only that, re-capture it at 24/96 because the compressor, transformers etc are producing effects at that rate even though the raw samples are the ones in my Dimensional Snares collection, and not 96K to start with.

And then I processed ’em with SoftGate to cut off the hiss from the comp, and make them merge with silence on the tail end more cleanly. Also sets ’em back spatially a bit, while they still open up to full brightness. Just right for my purposes.

And then you can’t hear them on the video because it broke… but that doesn’t mean you can’t have them. I’m not waiting until I’m up to tackling my twitchy recording process again, I’m giving you both of these things NOW ‘cos why not?

You can still get on my Patreon if you want. I’m not doing as well as I’d like but I can still handle taking a dive if it helps people survive, and I’m not sure more income is even relevant to what’s tough about all this: we shall see. I think Cider works excellently and I think the new snares will be useful: both to me, and to anyone who needs some reinforcers or a proper backbeat in your own productions. I’ll try to fix my rig for next week, and it’s working well enough that I can still do my early-week streams as normal. So I’ll see ya Monday, and I hope you like Cider! (really, if you’ve been getting the Character reissues you were going to grab this anyway so it’s a moot point that I couldn’t demonstrate it. And I did such a terrible job demonstrating the snares that it’s better you discover them for yourself, and you’ll be hearing them in my music if you listen to that)