Clicks is a different sort of ’32 Bar And Grill’ product. This time instead of doing a variety of tracks from a single production at a set tempo, this is a broad range of tempos on a single theme!

That theme is ‘electronic dance music click track’. I think producing music of all sorts will be more fun and groove better if the click track is actually good and produces a compelling groove. These do! They’re a modified Jomox analog kick (and by that I mean, literally rewired my MBase II so the bass hits faster and harder like classic Roland kicks) combined with hats from ElectroHat (a $50 plugin) driven by a xoxbox.

These are really driving beats and easy to lock and groove to. They are 48K sample rate as that’s the max my Apogee RosettaAD will do, and they are trimmed to exactly 32 bars at the tempo specified, so they can be set to loop without issue. Just drag them into your project and go.