TL;DW: Coils models the types of distortion you’ll find in transformers.

OK, I think this worked. Apologies for being fried and stressed: I was operating under time pressure (four HOURS driving today, doing stuff) and was halfway through making a video when I worked out there was a serious bug in the plugin. After a frantic bugfix, I did another video that was even more frazzled, only to discover I wasn’t even wearing my lavalier mic. So, by the time I made the video you see, I pretty much had no effs left to give, and after a busy day, I’ve completed the updating and here’s the plugin. Love ya, and usually it’s easier than this :)

Coils is like the inverse of Focus. Instead of boosting/distorting UP the mids, it saturates DOWN the extreme highs and lows leaving the mids untouched. Because it’s a fixed mid shape mimicking the Neve transformer picture I was shown, the biquad doesn’t have to run inside Console as it’s not a high-Q filter at all (you’ll notice way more of an effect on steep filters) so it trades off that effect for less processing. The saturation is the Density algorithm, but without clipping, so if you trash it you get wrap-around on the transfer function curve, which works out to be kinda transformery.

Apologies. I am too tired to translate. Listen to the plugin. If anything is broken, tell me right away, tomorrow ;)

The top control increasingly distorts (still kinda subtle), the middle one DC biases the core (second harmonics!) which does more when you’re less saturated, and then there’s a dry/wet. Enjoy :)

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