CojonesDemo?is an AU universal binary plugin to adjust just that. You can add or subtract it—listen to the demos. For voices, also raspy guitars. This is not an EQ or anything like one. Unique as far as I know.

You get Breathy, Cojones, and Body to play with. Breathy and Cojones balance against each other. Body is more of a lows fill-in.

Cojones works like this: it tracks sound looking for regularity and irregularity, and separates out some of the ‘frizz’ and irregularity in the sound. Then you get to either amplify just that raggedness and irregularity, or minimize it. Again, this doesn’t work like anything normal, so try it to see if the sound makes sense for you. I could easily see this as a secret weapon for EDM sound design!

Cojones runs one sample of latency.

Cojones is $50.