TL;DW: Compresaturator fades between compressing and soft clipping.

This is eagerly anticipated. For some, it needs no introduction.

For everyone else: one of the final plugins from the Kagi era, this stopped being available for a while when Kagi went out of business. It’s like a soft-saturator in which you can dial in even more cleanness, but couple it with a weird springy quality that’s very dynamic. It occupies more of the role of a stem or buss compressor than a peak limiter, but makes for a very powerful loudenator. The idea is that you can get a loud punchy sound but with more attitude than usual.

Since it’s one of those strange Airwindows algorithms, be aware you can push it too far and get it to ‘flutter’ or oscillate like a tremolo or do other odd things: in normal use that shouldn’t ever be a concern, I’m just saying that this plugin isn’t normal and doesn’t sound or act quite like other plugins.

In other words, classic Airwindows :) hope you like it!

Patreon is the reason I can do this. I’ve got a couple new Patreon goals beyond simply putting out amazing plugins every week: since people are used to that, apparently I have to do more, and I’ve come up with something good. If I reach $1500 a month total, I’ll do a third livestream every week and deconstruct/analyse a classic hit record from its high-dynamics original vinyl version. You won’t hear the whole record but I’m going to try to play a minute of the audio, the same minute I analyse with special Airwindows tools that aren’t even in plugin form. Since it’s a livestream, you can probably hear it too: whether it’s retained on the channel depends on which record company owns it and how they handle ContentID (it is absolutely fair use, but nobody cares about that). So you might need to tune in, to get the full experience. Then at $2000 a month, if I get there, I’ll be doing the same thing for the music of patrons giving $50 a year and up, and then it becomes more of a production workshop. We’ll see how these things develop, but it gives me something MORE to offer beyond all I’m doing already :)