Crush All Boxes for Patrons

TL;DW: all patrons get to use my lifetime in music royalty-free!

Crush All Boxes: Royalty-Free Music
(Bandcamp page will contain hi-res versions for $1)

Many times, listeners to my plugin videos have said, “This is terrible music, and you shouldn’t do it!” :D

Other times, people have said, “I like that, where can I get this?” and for a long time, there was no answer.

Now there is!

At you can listen to basically everything I’ve ever recorded in my life… almost four gigs of mp3s at 320K, dramatically better than what you might hear on youtube or whatever. It’s all there, including some collaborations and things that I can’t include in the larger project.

What project is this?

From now on, all my music is available to patrons for any and all use, royalty-free. Use it for movies, soundtracks, remix it, rap over it, sample it, whatever! Though I am very busy I will also make hi-res versions available on Bandcamp. Those will cost $1 a download or track, because Bandcamp ought to get paid for hosting nearly thirty gigs of files for me. If you need something to be there and I haven’t got it uploaded yet, bug me and I’ll get right on it. The mp3s from the main website can be looted off the page by Viewing Source and rightclicking the correct mp3: I’m making no effort either to obstruct or enable that, if you want the music for nothing you can go to the trouble of finding the files on the website. The player I’m using doesn’t have download links I like :)

Then you can listen to, remix, use as background music for your movie… whatever, on a non-exclusive basis. Think of it as a variation on the Kevin McLeod thing.

There’s only one condition: while you are selling what you’ve made, you must continue to be a patron (if only at $1 a month). That’s $12 a year for access to a lifetime of music (a continuing lifetime, mind you, for this won’t stop at 2016). And that’s creative access, license to include and remix and re-use. You may already be a patron: if so, enjoy! Lots of people are patrons simply to support my work developing plugins, not even thinking they’d also get a music library to use.

I’m not mandating credits, though I will be cross if people try to lay claim to the stuff in such a way that it takes it away from everyone else. Don’t go all ContentID on me.

Also, if you are not a human—that is, if you are a corporation or a team—I expect each human member of the entity using the music to be a patron for the entire time the derived work is being sold. This is not intended to give Pepsi a new jingle for twelve dollars a year. Have some common sense. Lastly, royalty-free means you don’t pay per unit, you just become a patron which is a fixed rate and very cheap compared to traditional music licensing… especially if you’re an indie or an individual human with ambition. I do insist on the patron thing, but my time is better spent not checking up on you or counting your sales. That’s your affair :)

Enjoy this music! It might even come in handy!