DeEss3Demo is the latest DeEss: returning to the unrivalled sound of the first classic Airwindows DeEss, but with 80-bit internal math and a new Sense Monitoring switch, by request! This is the ultimate De-Esser, now with new ease of use and deeper tone.

This plugin’s made a lot of interesting friends… very competitive, significant friends who seized onto the original DeEss as a secret weapon. It seems that if you really knew what you were doing with the filters and such, you could get the thing to tame sibilance with incredibly little damage to the audio. It took expertise, because there was no metering or monitoring then: you had to be able to hear supersonics and you needed the experience to know what you were aiming for.

The second version tried to simplify the effect and make it more approachable, more a one-size-fits-all effect. This fizzled. Less experienced people weren’t reassured, and the power users weren’t excited about losing functionality, even sticking with the old version (which was updated to 64-bit to ensure everyone could keep it working if they wanted to).

Live and learn! DeEss3 is EXACTLY the first DeEss, right down to some of the quirky behaviors that gave it its tone, but with an 80-bit buss and noise shaping to the 32-bit output word. It actually is better than the first DeEss, in the only way it can be: more accurately reflecting that first algorithm, at higher fidelity. And it’s got a new control that makes it WAY easier for both pros and newbies: use the sense monitor control to adjust your settings, so you can hear exactly what it’s taking out, against a backdrop of impressive silence. That by itself is a powerful argument for just how good DeEss3 is: you can hear how little it touches the rest of the audio.

The video will show you how to work DeEss, so this secret-weapon plugin can finally be less of a mystery. Normal people can use it effectively now!

DeEss3 is $50.