DeRez?is straight-up Airwindows bitcrushing and sample rate chopping!

It differs from, say, BitGlitter in that it’s not making any attempt to simulate an ‘analog low-bit hardware unit’. No, what DeRez does is hash up the sound with sheer, nasty digital bitcrush ITB. There’s just a touch of edge-softening to the frequency de-rez.

But what makes it an Airwindows product (well, freebie) is this: it’s like an analog bitcrush. Both the frequency and the bit depth sliders are continuous, NOT stepped. Yes, it can do fractional bit depths, yes that’s not actually possible as a format (you’d have to define one of the smaller bits as a smaller size than the others).

Plus, the controls are fluid (smoothed). If you make moves with them, the result won’t sound ‘stepped’ and because they’re continuous, that fluidity will be noticeable.

Hope you like this odd creation! It’s really in a sort of gray area between analog and digital, but it sounds very digital: just not in an ITB sort of way. Hard to explain. It’s free, just play with it, it doesn’t sound like traditional bitcrushers.