Desk was the precursor of algorithmic Airwindows console modeling. The techniques used in these plugins are still present in the current Desk, but back in the day there were three, not one.

Desk was the subtlest: slew limiting and saturation calibrated to be very, very subtle.

TransDesk had that plus a trace of TubeSag set in a high range, bringing out some edge and tizz to resemble an SSL desk.

TubeDesk had the most slew limiting and saturation, and also had TubeSag in a lower range.

Part of the concept of Desk was the use of no controls: they’re just blank, like ADClip or Righteous or Mudslide or ShortBuss. The idea was you just put ’em in and they’re part of the circuitry.

If you’d like the first Desk plugins, buy the current Desk and ask me for ’em in email. I’ll send them.