DigitalBlack?is something special from Airwindows: a variable-attack gate. It’s free. Here’s how it works.

When signal is going through above the threshold, a special sensor’s being triggered. It’s keeping track of the longest wavelengths of signal, and that determines the ‘crest factor’ over the gate. When signal drops, the gate waits for that crest factor to run out, then begins to fade out the signal in the same way the original Airwindows Gate did: making it seem to fall back, not just go quieter.

The result is a simple one-knob gate that responds to the speed of waveforms going through it. If you’re hitting it with a lot of treble, it can close more crisply. If there’s bass, the gate will be more cautious about cutting off the lows, and it’ll close more gently.

It defaults to a value that will silence a 16 bit noisefloor, in case you’re trying to make CDs that go to literally digital black. However, it ought to work as well for things like heavy guitar gating. Hope you like it!