Dimensional Kicks/Hats/Snares for Patrons


I’ve been asked to do something that’s only available to my patrons, but I’m not willing to do that with my plugin software. Therefore, I’m doing it with samples, because I can!

These are collections of kicks, hats and snares, for EDM or sample augmentation. They’re tracker-style, not ‘simulation’ style, meaning they use no round-robining or dynamic variation (many do have several intensity levels that work together, though).

You can watch the video for over an hour of explanation or just download the zip and make some music :) the samples ending in 16 are 16 bit wavs suitable for use in traditional trackers like MilkyTracker (XM can be used somewhat in Unity, and they’re reduced to 16 bit with the Naturalize dither so they’ll adapt to any tracker need). The samples ending in 24 are 24 bit wavs and what I’m using in Renoise, or you can use them in other DAWs anywhere you need a good EDM-style sample.

In the video I explain what’s special about these: such as the ‘crystal’ hat samples that are done with a harp mic for a special dark tonality, or how the Jomox Kicks are all sampled with a DI (from a modded Jomox MBase II) plus run through a guitar amp with a modded Airwindows SM57 miking it, and lastly with a room mic that also picks up the trigger keyboard’s keys being hit with a drumstick for extra air on the transient. This is a pretty killer sample set for any electronic purposes, even before you get frisky with Renoise or whatever. Initially I was going to release these in dribs and drabs along with songs to demonstrate them, but I’m working so hard on plugins I have no time to make music. Therefore, I’m releasing the whole entire collection, because I know I’ll only end up making more.

Join the Patreon at least once for at least 1$ and you can download this there: it’s not on the Airwindows website, just on Patreon. :)