TL;DW: The angry overdrive!


If you know how to use Airwindows Density, you know how to use this. It’s exactly the same layout, except that it doesn’t go to negative values: this one’s just for slam.

Why bother with such a similar plugin? Because of the tone!

Density gets a thick, full, fluid tone because it’s got a super-smooth transfer function. In fact it’s the theoretical optimum distortion transfer function for having no grit or crunch: it ‘hides’ the distortion very well.

Drive hides nothing. It’s all about grit and crunch, not smooth. Go ahead and try it and see. If your sole purpose for an overdrive plugin is to make stuff ‘big and fat and thick’ then you want Density. But if you’re reaching for a distortion because you have some sound, a bass, a snaredrum, and you just want to make it sound ANGRY: not so much fat or forward or gritty or edgy, but just plain straight up pissed off… then you may want to have Drive around.

It does have the highpass, the output trim, the dry/wet just like Density does. That means it can be adapted to different contexts. But the sound remains the same: angry overdrive, a real nasty bark. Neither too smooth, nor too edgy and trebly. Drive will work on pretty much anything you want to make really mad, and the ease of getting that tone color will make you the opposite of mad. :D

Drive is free. That means you don’t have to support my Patreon to have it, nor do I consider you less-than if you are broke and can’t afford to do that, or if you just don’t like the plugins. I’m doing this to support the musician community, and because frankly everybody’s broke these days and I understand. I’m in an unusual position because I’m not sure it’s that possible to start doing plugins and get ten years of experience experimenting around and learning, anymore: to make it in business now you’ve got to confine yourself to what sells super-well, which is very limiting. I got to be Chris from Airwindows by releasing literally hundreds of plugins over the years, most of which didn’t make sales. Things were different then: a $50 plugin was considered really cheap. Heck, I started at $60! It’s kind of like the music business in the Seventies, there was this historical moment where you could learn by doing, and get good enough without being constantly in danger of going bust if the latest plugin/record tanked, or if you took on over-costly projects.

Things are different now, so Drive is free. I owe it to the industry that’s given me a career and a bunch of awesome and inspiring friends, and somebody’s got to be looking after the interests of the musicians, DJs and producers, because it’s the same with them: only the most mercenary will even see any income, and if I want to see people able to invent new and cool music, it’s MY job to give them the tools with which to do so. I’m certain there are enough of them to eventually build up the Patreon. My job is to get people the tools, and I’m enjoying it more than ever. :D