TL;DW: DubCenter is a version of DubSub where the bass reinforcement is purely mono.


So here’s a useful follow-up: as promised, DubSub with mono bass. This isn’t the last you’ll hear of this tool as I have BassKit coming out (which is the more approachable, well-behaved version of DubCenter) but this is the one that will let you get the most extreme. If you were using DubSub to its fullest, this one lets you do the same only with the bass and sub outputs centered.

The reason you’d want to do that is, whether for sound reinforcement or vinyl mastering there’s little reason to have stereo bass. It just makes the woofers fight each other, below a certain frequency (which depends on how far apart your speakers are). This is why elliptical EQs exist.

And the thing with DubCenter is, you don’t have to filter the original audio or mid/side it! All you have to do is use DubCenter to reinforce the bass, and it’ll automatically make that added content mono. This is even better than using (for instance) ToTape and its head bump mechanics to reinforce bass, because that (like a real tape deck) produces a stereo head bump. This produces the same fullness with the same algorithm, but it’s strictly mono so you get the effect of an elliptical EQ without having to run one! Only the super-deep stuff gets reinforced and the information and phase relationships of your original mix go untampered with.

Again, BassKit will do this in a super-convenient way with much of the tweeky functionality simplified or taken out (for that one, there is no chance of abusing the sub-octave to do weird stuff as it’s restricted to only convincing subs content) but DubCenter is the one like DubSub, where you can make it do crazy things. You’ll find it in your plugin menu next to DubSub, most likely. Have fun!

Most of you know I’m on Patreon so I’ll skip that. If you’ve never seen this stuff before, just know that I’m making lots of plugins available, and they are open source and free to you. Nothing is forcing you to keep me alive much less healthy and busily making lots of more plugins. But a bunch of people so far have found that it makes them happy to throw some money my way… for instance, fifty bucks a year as if you were buying one of your Airwindows plugin collection each year at the original price. (permanent license, all formats, and you get the source code and all updates forever for $50. I always did do that, except the open source is new)

Or more if you like, or if it makes sense to you that you’d buy more than one of these. I live in America, so they will only pay attention to me if I’m rich or some other sort of big success. I’d like to make this seem like the hot new business model or at least a cool-as-hell thing to do with your life, so by all means help me make it seem lucrative. I will definitely buy MUSIC GEAR with my ill-gotten booty, and that will probably give me more ideas! :D