DubSubDemo?is all things subsonic and bass! It can generate dubstep style sub-basses, fill in the bottom octave, octave-divide, synthesize house kicks from raw materials, and it defaults to a nice SansAmp-style bass tone!

Signal flow goes from top to bottom, so get sounds by starting with the grind and bass sections. The subs section (octave divided) draws on the bass section to work, so it’ll trigger differently based on what the bass section is doing. The bass section uses the lows out of the grind section’s crossover, so the whole plugin is really interactive—that’s why it defaults to a working bass tone when you first open it.

Treble Grind isn’t just a frequency band, it also distorts independently of the low-frequency sections, so to keep it clean you have to turn it down and the output level up. To distort the highs, turn the output down and crank the Treble Grind.

Drive and Output Level for each section are pretty obvious, and Voicing controls the range of power for each low-frequency section separately. High values means bass. Low values means monstrous heavy sub-lows, and putting Voicing to zero basically means subsonics and makes the low-frequency section just barely stable—if you are getting DC offset, check to see if you can make Voicing higher.

DubSub is $50.