TL;DW: Dyno is a lot like Mojo, but for intensity instead of loudness.


I’ll be quick: some family stuff is up and I’m running late, but I’ve got a plugin all the same.

Except it isn’t all the same. It’s similar in some ways to Mojo (from last week), but Dyno has a completely different character. Instead of loudenating, it ‘intensenates’. It’s a little bit like Remap in that way, but it’s not the same as Remap. You won’t get a volume boost out of it really, nor will it let you slam it for fatter peaks.

Instead, it brings fire and intensity to the audio and reshapes the waveform in a Mojo-like ‘evolution of Spiral’ way. Because it doesn’t take to slamming in the same way, it’s going to be a more subtle effect, but for those who got excited by Remap, this one deserves your attention.

Because some stuff’s come up, I can’t guarantee the usual Airwindows stuff a week from now. Might have to skip a week for plugins, or fail to do the Monday livestream (tomorrow should be good though). Since I’ve put out a plugin (some quite good) for the last 27 weeks without a break (over half a year without a pause!) I am hoping me and you both can handle a hiccup in the pedal-to-the-metal Airwindows free plugin release schedule: I do my best, but it’s just me up here and I might need to take a week to take care of things. I’m just saying, ‘cos people might freak out and think I died. Not yet! So far as I know! :)

Oh, and the results are in for ‘dislike and subscribe’: it was a fun experiment, but it didn’t do anything. You can keep disliking videos if you really want to, so long as you enjoy the actual plugins.

If so, by all means go and add $50 a year (or heck, a dollar) to my Patreon and I will get back to the maniacal ferocity of incessant plugin-making as soon as I can. I definitely need to take a breath and get my bearings: it’s getting so some people can’t handle it without a roadmap and/or curated collections, and maybe that would be another kind of release I could do, namely designed sets of plugins that serve as starting points. We shall see. Have fun playing with Mojo and Dyno and Biquad etc etc, and feel free to throw ideas for me to consider while I un-clench and take a breath for the first time in half a year! :D