TL;DW: Elation is a re-release of another old Character plugin. This is the one that’s not really a compressor! :D


Back with a plugin! (I know it’s usually literally every week, but I’ve been fooling around with things like Eurorack module firmwares so here we are again)

This is Elation, which is NOT REALLY a sort of LA-2A like thing. That’s because it builds a distinct sound out of LA-2A convolution impulses, makes it already not an LA-2A, and then doesn’t properly compress :D it does something, but it doesn’t count as compressing. I’m not sure what I was up to here.

But it’s got the Character plugin ‘character slider’ that lets you greatly accentuate the tonal effect (this is another one that steals bass if that interests you) and a drive slider that lets you crunch things, and unlike typical plugins it has a dry/wet on the top for some reason! So, if you’re looking for a ‘analog-ifier’ based on dynamic convolution that can hype up a sound in an interesting way, and it’s important to you that you use something other people won’t have or aren’t using, this is your silver bullet: like the other Character plugins, it’s a weird secret weapon that won’t sound like other peoples’ plugin chains. If you can work with what this one has, then you can bring a bit of color that people won’t have constantly heard. And that’s why I’m digging through the most obscure backwaters of my plugin library to VST-ify everything.

And the reason I’m still here and able to do that, rather than being compelled to stick to what is sensible and saleable, is that Airwindows is supported by Patreon! It really is a model that works for what I do: that’s why I can do things like write firmwares for eurorack modules one week, then put out some subtlety like PurestFade, or release an oddity like Elation that would never survive in a commercial context. Patreon means that I can put out the really obscure stuff and not worry about whether every new plugin has to ring the cash register bells. And then when I come up with one that does… it’s still free and open source, because that’s how I roll.

Talk to you later… or on Monday: currently I am livestreaming Q&A on Mondays at 11:00 EST, and then at the same time I’m playing music for a couple hours on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. That way I can do my thing and then hand any listeners I get over to Colin Benders, who is exploring exactly the sorts of things I enjoy on a much bigger and fancier modular system. I will be unwinding after my streams by listening to Colin’s, and I’m hanging out on his Modular Mayhem Discord server in case anyone wants to catch up with me in chat!