Elation?is a curious thing: a compressor that doesn’t actually compress! Well, not much.

The intention was to use LA-2A impulses, like I used to make many Character plugs, to produce a LA-2A emulation. What happened? Dunno. Maybe I’m just not familiar enough with the thing to recognize whether it worked? Elation does do a good job of softening textures. The personality slider can be pushed very far in the ‘color’ direction. The drive slider will give you your ‘compression’ or push right past it into distortedness. If you balance these things out, you can get a compress-y output: I just don’t have the confidence in this that I do in, say, Logical.

So, it’s free. Enjoy the striking new texture, and if it’s better than I knew as a LA-2A emulation, let me know because I won’t take it back once it’s a freebie. Hope it serves some purposes. It does sound nice and round, maybe that’s enough :)