EnergyDemo?is unusual.

Special algorithms exploit secret interactions with the sample rate to produce hot, vivid colorations loaded with crackling energy. Not your DAW’s EQ by a long, long shot. Doesn’t exist anywhere else in any form…

This has become my ultimate ‘hyping’ EQ tool, and it comes complete with descriptive names for each band. Note: these do not exactly correlate with a simple boost to a frequency center—they’re roughly associated with escalating frequency, but they aren’t confined completely to the frequency, and they interact in complicated ways. The descriptions apply less if you’re running at higher sample rates, but the plugin will run at any rate you like.

There is just a touch of Energy in the flagship Airwindows channel strip, CStrip, in the top EQ band when you boost it a whole lot. The plugin Energy, however, is the full-on real deal. It defines aggressive hypey boosts, and would work great in an ‘unrealistic’ EDM context.

Energy is $50.